KPD Builders INC.

We originated from Los Angeles, CA and hold a license for General and Concrete contracting. Our focus solely on multifamily product, our keen due diligence abilities and our vastly experienced team, are the foundation and the roots of our company. We believe in order to be a leader, you need to listen to the client and hone in on their vision prior to going to work on the construction end.


We pride ourselves, in taking the time to work hand in hand with both you and the architect, allowing you to leverage our experience in the forefront to help mitigate obstacles and change orders, which can cause delays and more money for you in the future. Rest assured, we are fully capable to transform your land into a lucrative building.


Collaborating with the right team, gives us the competitive advantage to be efficient and manage expectations, ensuring the job done right the first time around. With 25 years of combined real estate experience, we continue to be inspired and motivated by challenge, and are not afraid to overcoming changes as they come along.